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Our way of working has completely changed since 2020.

After the initial shock, we have now set up new ways of coaching and training that work out particularly well.

Rather than spending one or several full days with course participants, training has now been divided into bite-sized chunks.

This provides more opportunities to follow up and consolidate the learning. The results are inspiring - a sustainable system in more ways than one!

Moving forward, we believe the combination of face-to-face and bite-sized sessions will mean even more value for clients.

This combination is not new, but people are now more open to this kind of learning and development.


Irish - Married to Petra; 3 bilingual children (English and Dutch)


I have worked in over 25 countries in the past 15 years with clients from all parts of the world and from a wide range of industries

5 years trainer and Operations Manager for UK based training consultancy

4 years as Key Account Manager at Siemens, based in Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany

I have lived and worked in the US (2 years), France (2 years), Germany (4 years), UK (20 years), Netherlands (1 year)


• Making a contribution
• Delivering exceptional results
• Working with people who are in action
• Having fun!


• Capacity to motivate
• Commitment to others’ success
• Passionate and unstoppable
• Engaging
• Calm
• People focused


• Fun with a happy and healthy family
• Complete connection with everyone I engage with
• A benchmark for excellence
• Staying physically fit


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