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Donal Lynch

I work with individuals, teams and across organisations to help deliver exceptional results.

My focus is on transforming the way people communicate and work together.

Over the last 20 years this has included working with large corporations and entrepreneurs, as well as large-scale interventions such as major change projects.


• Irish - Married to Petra; 3 bilingual children (English and Dutch)


• I have worked in over 25 countries in the past 10 years with
     clients from all parts of the world and from a wide range of industries
• I regularly works one-to-one with senior executives, facilitate
      team meetings and deliver training programmes to larger groups
• Treasurer of SIETAR UK 2002-2014
      (Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research)
• 5 years trainer and Operations Manager for UK based
      training consultancy
• 2 years as Key Account Manager at Siemens, Germany
• I have lived and worked in the US (2 years), France (2 years),
      Germany (4 years), UK (20 years). I travel globally for my work
      (e.g. most countries in Europe, US, West Africa, South Korea, Brazil)
• Degrees from University College, Dublin, (BA Hons);
      Universitι de Nancy II, (DEA); Trinity College Dublin,
      (M Phil in Applied Linguistics)


• Delivering exceptional results
• Passionate about self-knowledge and self-learning. Reflecting on
      oneself and one's 'cultures' and exploring to improve communication 
      and leadership
• Optimising opportunities for competitive advantage
      especially regarding cultural diversity


• Capacity to motivate
• Engaging
• Flexible and calm
• People focused


• To continue enjoying our children's development and successes
• For Impact Global to be a benchmark for excellence
• A happy and healthy family and staying physically fit
Email: info@ImpactGl.com
+44 (0)7766 175 243
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