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Anita Breeze
Executive Coach/Facilitator

Anita is co-founder of Impact Global and has over twenty years of experience in executive coaching and leadership development. She has worked with top level management throughout Europe developing both their individual and team leadership effectiveness. Her expertise lies in the field of integrated coaching that focuses on performance at business and relational levels.

Her approach to executive coaching explores the relationship between perception, behaviour and action. Client’s question their current thinking patterns and decision making processes. Through raised awareness, shifts in mind sets are created, new paradigms formed and what once seemed impossible becomes possible. This ontological approach to behaviour explores the nature of ‘being’ and how this impacts individuals and their environment. Managers, leaders and team members acquire long term benefits and produce outstanding and sustainable results.

Anita is committed to providing insight and clarity for her clients and to enabling her clients to powerfully move forward.

Current and recent clients include:

AstraZeneca Sweden, Benteler Automotive Germany, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH Germany, Save the Children UK, HSBC UK, Deutz Germany, RWE npower UK, RWE AG Germany, RWE IT GmbH, Germany,  Merck-Serono KGaA Germany, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Switzerland, Villeroy & Boch Germany, Metro Cash and Carry France, HSH Nordbank UK, Alstom Power France, Telia Sweden, National Bank of Estonia

Recent projects include:

Executive coaching on an individual basis for the private sector and charities

Seminars for management teams on Communication Techniques leading to positive and productive outcomes; using coaching techniques and strategies to optimise relationships and outcomes

Designing and delivering Leadership and Team Building workshops demonstrating the essential dynamics for effective teamwork and leadership in international teams; utilisation of resources, trust and conflict resolution; effective interpersonal communications

Designing and leading Conflict Management workshops giving a positive approach to managing, resolving and, when appropriate, preventing conflict. Acquiring and practising established techniques for managing and resolving conflict in a variety of situations

Working with international companies, Delivering Extraordinary Results, generating new ways of thinking, working and behaving beyond what is currently available.

And last but not least

In line with her passionate advocacy of lifelong learning Anita is involved in self expression and leadership programmes developing participants over an extended period focusing on commitment and integrity as an individual and within a team.

Her academic qualifications include a first degree in Psychology and MA Psycho Linguistics course. She is a qualified lawyer and was a partner in a corporate and commercial firm.  She has a diploma in coaching and applies these concepts in her own life as a profound life enhancing experience.

Now based in Bath with her husband and family, Anita has lived and worked throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the USA. She loves creating projects and challenges for herself; kayaking, running and camping among some of the activities that get her out of the bed in the morning!

Email: info@ImpactGl.com
+44 (0)7766 175 243
Impact Global Ltd, 4 The Orchard, Bath, BA1 3HT, UK
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